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posted Jan 28, 2012 03:01:33 by Davebiotech
Well, folks, I've been a Dune fan for along time. The Author; Frank Herbert centers the story around a single planet called Arrakis. Unique to this desert planet, other than lots of sand, are giant sandworms that roam the surface of the planet much like the buffalo herds of the great plains. A rare chemical compound called "Spice" or "Melange" is produced only on Arrakis. When highly evolved humans consume it for long periods it gives them immortality and highly sentient visions. Over hundreds of years, a metamorphosis can occur, with the help of specialized trainers to bring the immortal human to a state called a "Guild Navigator." These navigators can fold space such that interstellar travel become instataneous. Hence they are an imoprtant part of the galactic economy. Multiple grand houses of the Landsraad control various apsects of the galactic imperium. The current books I am reading are "House Harkonnen", "House Atreides" and lastly "House Corrino." These novels depict the sub plots and intrigue from the perspective of the dominant characters from each of the major houses. They were written by Frank Herberts son Brian Herbert alongside a sci fi legacy named Kevin Anderson. These three books are the prequels to the Dune trilogy, which has now become over 15 books and a new series on the schools (such as the navigator schools)is due out soon. Many of these, both by Frank Herbert and his son Brian, are New York Times Bestsellers. There is also "The machine Crusade" which is a pre-prequel and is a long complex read, but really instills in the reader how the later Dune universe has come to pass.
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RachelReader said Jan 28, 2012 13:57:14
hey dune, that was an awesome review. i am also a sci-fi fan (im actually reading eragorn, right now) but most of my sci-fi experience is at a very entry level. last winter i read the entire lord of the rings series beginning with the hobbit - which were incredible!!! i am stuck reading the eragorn series because they were a gift for christmas - and are quite good actually - but after that, i thought i should graduate to a higher sci-fi level. any recommendations? (besides dune). thanks for the review of dune. my grandfather was a huge fan of the book and i always thought i should attempt it.
hey everyone. so glad to be at the cafe with you. waitress get me a vanilla latte!
Davebiotech said Jan 28, 2012 23:19:26
Hi Rachel, glad you enjoyed my blog on Dune. I am reading House Corrino. This book is about the imperial house of the Padishah Emperor, ruler of the known galaxy. The current Emperor is Shaddam IV, who is young and aggresive and recently murdered his aging father Elrood VI, to gain the throne. Elrood had ruled for over 400 years and Shaddam plotted with his mentat assasin and personal guard to usurp him by giving him a slow acting toxin that is undectable and wreaks its biological havoc over several years. The technology race called the Tleilaxu were overrun by the evil technology thieves called the Ixians who would use the stolen technology to create a syntheic melange to free the emperor from having to bow to the spacing guild and the spice harvesting conglomerate called CHOAM. This would give Shaddam complete control of the most valuable resource in the galaxy. And as Paul Muad 'Dib, Duke Leto Atreides soon to be born son would say "He who controls a thing can destroy a thing." Shaddam continues his work to exert his inflence over the other houses of the Landsraad, especially House Harkonnen (Home of the brutal and nefarious Baron Harkonnen) and House Atreides (Home of the Highly respected and well revered Duke Leto Atreides). Next, I will probably read either Sandndworms of Dune or Winds of Dune. The first book of the "School series is out called "Sisterhood of Dune" and like its predecessor on the genetic breeding program schools of the Bene Gesserit witches "Chapterhouse Dune," written by Frank Herbert, the new novel is his son's first try at giving the reader a close look at the complex inner workings of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood when it was in its infancy.
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