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What are you reading now?

posted Jan 27, 2012 00:32:33 by RachelReader
what's everyone reading right now? the book of the month for February is an amazing read (in case you haven't read it.) better get your copy!
hey everyone. so glad to be at the cafe with you. waitress get me a vanilla latte!
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BrookeLawsing said Jan 27, 2012 16:57:48
"The Help" by, Kathyrn Stockett

I can't put it down!
Another book I highly recommend is "Sweet Jimminy" by, Kristen Gore.

Both books take place in the deep South, a place I have never been; consequently the books are both informative and deliciously mysterious.
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RachelReader said Jan 27, 2012 18:34:33
They sound amazing! i will def check them out. i love getting new recommendations. ive added some more books to the bookstore on here. let me know if you have any other classics to recommend. xo btw, why isn't ted on here???

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hey everyone. so glad to be at the cafe with you. waitress get me a vanilla latte!
BrookeLawsing said Feb 01, 2012 12:33:48
Thanks 'Rachel Reader',

More specifically, the book "Sweet Jiminy" is about a girl who flees law school and ends up back on her grandmother Willa's farm. She soon learns that there was once another Jiminy, the daughter of her grandmother's housekeeper who disappeared mysteriously during the Civil Rights era. With the help of Lynn's nephew, who also happens to be a strapping young lad she begins a journey in search of discovering the truth that leads her on a highly readable adventure. Every step of the way, the tensions felt in the south during the Civil Rights era are juxtaposed with the lingering tensions that are still felt today. That's why this was the best book I read last summer. If "The Help" hadn't come out, perhaps Hollywood would have made this one a movie.

FYI-I will check out the updated bookstore list. Briefely, here's another book recommendation. This one is for all the aspiring actresses, or those with acting experience out there. The book is called "The Actor's Heart and Craft" and although I haven't read it yet, it was recommended to me by someone who claims to know a thing or two about the field:).

Ted is on the site isn't he. I was here the night he signed in. Hmmm. I will ask him to try again. He really lit up about the idea to be on the site.
RicWelch said Feb 04, 2012 12:43:12
blue nights, by joan didion, a sort of companion piece to her previous book, the year of magical thinking, documennting the illness and death of her only child, quintana roo. no one can write a sentence like joan didion. and she uses her singular skill in this volume to break your heart. highly recommended.

RachelReader said Feb 04, 2012 15:03:35
Brooke, i will def check out your new book recommendation and add it to the kbr bookstore. if anyone else has one please let me know.

Ric, i have never heard of joan didion. sounds like a good book. thank you for recommending it to our cafe goers.
hey everyone. so glad to be at the cafe with you. waitress get me a vanilla latte!
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